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How You Can Still Help the Class of 2020 Celebrate Graduation

Find unique solutions that will put your equipment and creativity to work.

(April 2020) We all know that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused major disruption to our daily routines and businesses. As entrepreneurs, you know better than most that success depends on your ability to pivot and adjust to a “new normal.”

While the “busy season” that is fueled by sporting events, conferences, and academic celebrations is not happening this year, there are still opportunities to put your equipment and creativity to work. No matter what personalization equipment you have in your shop, we have some ideas that can help you bring in some sales.

Graduation Celebration Packs

graduation capsIt’s no doubt that graduating students from college, high school, middle school, and even kindergarten, are disappointed in missing out on a formal graduation ceremony. But you can help them celebrate their achievements by offering Graduation Packs.

What are some products you can include in your package? These packs could contain a celebratory message on a yard sign, garden sign, or banner; a personalized frame with the student’s name, the school name, and mascot; and maybe a t-shirt or other memento. It might also be a keychain that they’ll use regularly or a personalized padfolio and pen.

And if you don’t have the equipment to produce a sign or other items, this is a good opportunity to consider partnerships with other local businesses.

How to Market the Graduation Pack?

How you use your sales tools, such as Facebook, email, and your business and personal networks, may need to be adjusted when bringing new ideas to market.

  • Make a sample Graduation Pack to share in your marketing efforts.
  • Work with the school principal, school district office, or athletic director and provide them with an easy to use order form that they can share with parents.
  • Create a Facebook post from your business page and boost it to your local community by targeting certain geographic areas and demographic groups. For a relatively small price, you can reach hundreds or thousands of potential customers.
    • Create your post just like you normally would.
    • Select “Boost Post” (lower right-hand corner)
    • Build your audience by selecting the demographics of the group you are trying to reach. For this market, you will want to select people who like your page and their friends and people in your local area.
    • Select the duration (number of days you want the post to run) and Budget (how much money you want to put behind the post), enter your credit card information, and schedule your post! 
  • Ask your social media network to share your posts. 
  • Provide delivery or curbside pickup as a bonus!

We’ll be sharing additional ideas in the coming days and weeks and encourage you to share your ideas with us. We’re all in this together!

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