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Looking Ahead to 2021’s Expo



Something To Look Forward To

(July 2020) Our International Awards & Personalization Expo is always held at the beginning of the year to allow for stocking up on the year’s newest products. We’re following the same plan for 2021.

This year, we were lucky in our timing. For many, the only reminder of COVID-19’s spread in other countries was the extra hand-sanitizer stations throughout our space. It wasn’t until we’d been home for a few weeks that coronavirus began to affect our lives and our businesses. Over the past few months, we’ve shared a lot of the ways you’ve risen to the occasion—such as with new products to help your communities and businesses—in Insights.

Now, with our feet under us again, many of us are starting to look to the future instead of just trying to get through the next few weeks. That raises an important question: What does the future look like for the International Awards & Personalization Expo?

I have good news for you. We’re moving ahead with planning the 2021 International Awards & Personalization Expo. We’ll be together again February 23–26, 2021, at Paris Las Vegas. We’ll take part in industry-leading education sessions, meet face-to-face with suppliers large and small, and talk with friends and colleagues about what a long, strange year it has been since we last spoke in person. I practically can guarantee you’ll see a lot of hand-sanitizer stations again, and likely other measures designed to ensure our safety and health while we attend to the health of our professions, businesses, and industry.

During these challenging months, the Awards and Personalization Association leadership and staff have worked hard to help you stay connected and supported through the Member2Member Forum, webinars, social media, Insights,, and more.

The level of connection among our members is really extraordinary. We’re operate and work at competing businesses, but we genuinely like and support one another. That’s an amazing thing. Attending the International Awards & Personalization Expo reaffirms and reinvigorates those crucial connections. In short, the International Awards & Personalization Expo remains crucial to our businesses—in 2020, in the “new normal,” and beyond.

What kind of changes can you expect at the expo in 2021? We’ll institute appropriate measures to safeguard the health of everyone present, of course. Will there be other differences? Perhaps, depending on the state of the nation and our fight against COVID-19. Keep in mind that some changes could be additions or enhancements to ensure we can all take advantage of the opportunities offered at the world’s largest trade show for our industry.

So expect to travel to Las Vegas in February. If you missed the 2020 expo, you’re going to be really impressed by our new location, Paris Las Vegas, on the Strip. (And after a year like this one, you’re going to deserve a mini vacation around the expo.) Our Education Committee already is making decisions about education sessions for a robust, relevant program to advance your skills and acumen beyond what you’ll already learn on the show floor and from thousands of other industry professionals.

We’re going to keep you updated—via e-mails,, mailers, and Insights—as we announce education sessions, special events, and more need-to-know info to help you plan for the expo. We’ll share safety measures to ensure you can focus on the business of your business while you’re at the expo. Our usual contingency plans will have their own contingency plans.

Know that we’re doing everything we can to bring you the offerings and events that are vital to the health and wellness of your business in a way that protects your health and wellness, too. When 2020 is safely in the history books, the connections we experience at expo will be nothing short of a celebration of what we (and our businesses) have survived.

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