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The Power of Volunteering 

John Stangle, CRM, Creative Awards & Screen Printing
President, Awards and Personalization Association


(September/October 2022) Tony Robbins, a prolific motivational speaker, doesn’t mince words when it comes to volunteering. According to an article on his website, Robbins says: “Giving back is paramount to finding meaning in your life. Why? Because the secret to living is giving. No matter how busy or cash-strapped you might be, you have something unique to offer others.” 

I’ve always wanted to volunteer more than I do, especially since I’ve found so many benefits of volunteering, including:  

- I meet a lot of people I would not normally get to know on my own. 

- I get great satisfaction from helping an organization that greatly benefits me and my business. 

- I find that when I meet other people, I learn more from them than I could ever possibly teach them. 

In addition to bonding with others, Robbins says that volunteering helps you learn new skills, find a sense of fulfillment and reach your goals. He writes: “If you wait for the perfect moment to grasp the importance of volunteering, it might never come. But if you choose to act today and start supporting a cause that’s important to you, you’ll start grasping the depth of giving back. Every moment that you’re contributing to the greater good will lead to a life full of more joy and fulfillment. Instead of finding excuses, find your purpose. Find the cause that speaks to you, and start giving back today.” 

The 2022 volunteer board of directors got sworn in at this year’s expo

APA relies on a lot of volunteers throughout the year—from the board of directors to committees that run the Education, Membership, Communications, Trade Show and Awards programs. During the annual International Personalization & Awards Expo, set for Feb. 7-10, 2023, in Las Vegas, we need even more volunteers. That includes people to help support the auction and education advocates. 

If you can spare it, consider donating your time and skills to the APA for an hour or two at the Expo or a couple hours a month throughout the year on a committee. Reach out to me or any board member if you have any questions.  

Whether it’s a matter of learning something new, meeting new people or just having fun, I guarantee your volunteering time will be rewarding! 

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