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Register now for the upcoming on-demand educational webinars covering topics relating to leadership, business, and marketing, as well as the variety of processes you use – laser engraving, sublimation, sand carving, UV printing, and more!

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Can my LASER system engrave that?

Thursday, April 29 at 1 pm CT

Join Megan Raymond, owner of Raymond’s Trophy & Awards, for a deep dive into the common and not so common items that you can laser engrave. Take a walk in Megan’s shoes as she explains the products that she laser engraves on a day-to-day basis. No matter what type of products you have in stock, this session will cover all the unique products that your laser system can engrave to take your business to the next level:

  • Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Anodized Metal
  • Plastic / Flexi
  • Raw Wood and Piano Finish Wood
  • Acrylic (Cast)
  • Leather
  • Cermarking (on customers items)

Get more value from your inventory and expand your customized products to your customers. We invite you to register now to find new inspirations in personalizing your existing products.

About the Presenter

Megan Raymond, Raymond's Trophy & Awards, Owner

Megan has been in the industry since 1996 and specializes in rotary engraving, LASER engraving, hand engraving, sandblasting, sublimation, and graphic design. She and her husband have owned Raymond’s Trophy & Awards since 2013, continuing the tradition of their “Handshake Guarantee” that her father-in-law (Randy Raymond Sr.) wholeheartedly believed in. They pride themselves in never turning down a job. If it’s a project that they haven’t done, they will educate themselves and make it happen. Her business mottos are simple: “You are never a success, always a work in progress” and “Live the Interview.”

Finding Solutions to Fix Customer Artwork

Thursday, May 13, 1 pm CT

You probably receive them every day: artwork that is small, low-resolution, and almost unusable. Worst yet, that is all your customer has!

In this course, you will learn how to work with artwork provided by customers that is, well…terrible! (You know what I mean). Mark Rugen, Director, Education with Mutoh, will walk through different technology solution products that will help you fix the artwork to please your customers.

About the Presenter

Mark RugenMark Rugen is Director of Education for MUTOH America. He is well known for his training and educational materials discussing color printing, software design, and numerous other topics in the wide-format printing market. Mark has over 35 years of experience in the market and has owned and operated two successful sign shops. He conducts his webinars and live training sessions using his real-world shop experience. He is known as the world's expert in FlexiSIGN & Print, a commercial software that is used to design and print on numerous printers using eco-solvent, Dye Sublimation, and UV-LED inks. He is also familiar with CorelDraw, Adobe products, color management, and many other topics that affect the design and production of applications. He has taught major companies such as Delta Airlines, General Motors, and Boeing but is happy to share his experience and knowledge with a small shop as well. You can count on Mark to share a tip or trick that saves time and effort in the daily shop struggle with customer files, software, and printers.

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