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Register now for the upcoming on-demand educational webinars covering topics relating to leadership, business, and marketing, as well as the variety of processes you use – laser engraving, sublimation, sand carving, UV printing, and more! These webinars are a great opportunity to train your team! Each webinar is recorded and added to the webinars library.

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The Humble Job Description: The Workhorse of the Workplace

Presented by Sharon DeLay, Go-HR

Sharon DeLay APA Webinar speaker

Wednesday, March 11, 1 pm CT

A well-written job description is the workhorse of the workplace. It’s more than just a document that tells your employee the job they need to do; it’s like the Swiss Army Knife of foundational HR documents. Our experience shows that many employers take shortcuts when it comes to drafting their job descriptions, but this critical document to every job in the organization offers an employer a level of protection and guidance in multiple areas of the employment relationship. From analysis to performance discussions, and from training to difficult discussions, the job description is arguably the most important document you must have as an employer. BONUS: You’ll learn how the job description can make interviews and performance reviews easier! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR JOB DESCRIPTIONS HANDY DURING THIS INTERACTIVE WEBINAR TO ASSESS IF IT’S DOING ITS JOB FOR YOU.

The Dos and Dont's of Logos, Art, Copyrights and Trademarks

Presented by Michael B. Stewart, Esq.

Wednesday, May 20, 1pm CT

A member of your local Rotary International Club comes in and wants plaques. Are you allowed engrave their logo? What about that perfect clip art that you found on the web? Can they really sue you for one mug engraved with the state university's logo? Can you get in trouble creating a bunch of t-shirts including a famous trademark for use at a family reunion? And what about the designs you create -- who owns the rights to your creations, and how can you keep others from copying your designs? Join attorney Michael Stewart for this informative webinar focusing on trademark and copyright issues.

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