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Register now for the upcoming on-demand educational webinars covering topics relating to leadership, business, and marketing, as well as the variety of processes you use – laser engraving, sublimation, sand carving, UV printing, and more! These webinars are a great opportunity to train your team! Each webinar is recorded and added to the webinar library (members only).

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The Art of Typography

Presented by Greg Azorsky with Recognition Plus Awards and Engraving
Wednesday, June 19, 1 pm CT

If you pick a font, type, and justify it to center, you’re missing out on opportunities to create products that will have your customers coming back for more. Most of us know more about operating our lasers than about choosing the right fonts, colors, and layouts to make type attractive. The popularity of text-based posters proves that well-designed words sell. Join font junkie Greg Azorsky as he covers the rules of typography in Corel, the anatomy of type, design hierarchy, font sources, and more. You’ll get the rules, tips, and tricks you need to easily increase the appeal of your products and empower you to attack more challenging layouts.

Optimizing Artwork in CorelDRAW

Presented by Randy Allen, CRS Engraving Concepts
Wednesday, July 17, 1 pm CT

Great personalization starts with the artwork. Whether you or your customer are supplying the graphics, you have to create the best art possible to optimize production speed and produce quality results. Randy Allen, CRS, of Engraving Concepts will cover this in-demand topic with special attention to laser users. Attendees will learn about the building blocks of quality artwork, the types of artwork that are best for personalization projects, laser fundamentals, why the industry uses CorelDRAW, and the effective use of CorelDRAW’s drawing and imposition tool.

Marketing – TBD

Presented by Dan Messerschmidt and Dave Haan, JDS Industries
Wednesday, August 21, 1 pm CT

Create Artwork for Multi-Stage Carve

Presented by Darin Jones, IKONICS Imaging
Wednesday, October 23, 1 pm CT

There are three kinds of stage carving techniques for sandcarving: single stage, double stage, and multistage. When you use your sandcarving system to do a multistage carve, you are able to transform two-dimensional graphics into beautiful three-dimensional pieces of art. For example, if you have artwork that has two trees, you can use stage carving to show depth and create the illusion that one tree is in the foreground while the other is in the background. Learn more about the magic of sandcarving as Darin Jones of IKONICS Imaging covers:

  • The difference between single stage, double stage, and multistage sandcarving
  • How to determine which images are ideal for stage carving (the trickiest part!)
  • Converting traditional images to outlines and the layers needed for successful stage carving
  • How to number the elements in the artwork for each stage to ensure the proper carving depth
  • Making the mask and sandblasting your product

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