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Maximize The Tax Savings On Your Equipment Purchase

Originally presented on November 18, 2021

Presented by: Carey Kroll, Account Manager at Geneva Capital LLC

During challenging times, it’s particularly beneficial to stretch your business savings as much as possible. And with careful tax planning, you can maximize your deductions which will save you lots of money during tax time. But how do you decide if you are better off writing it all off this year or spreading it out?

Join Carey Kroll of Geneva Capital for this important webinar to discuss multiple ways you can write off your equipment purchases to reduce your taxable income. You will be reassured that you are saving the most money for your business.

Using the Review as a Communication, Development, and Retention Tool

Originally presented on September 16, 2021

Presented by: Sharon DeLay, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CPRW, CPCC
Owner and President

Most managers dread giving evaluations, but when you approach it as a process designed to open communication channels with employees, so they grow in their roles, grow in the company, and stay with you, the evaluation process becomes incredibly important. We’ll look at a simpler approach to giving reviews (hint: it starts with a good job description), talk about how to use it as a cornerstone for communication and development rather than as a transactional tool, and other need-to-know information and best practices to make the evaluation process a protective tool for every employer!

Appreciation is trending! How to Increase Sales with Corporate Awards

Originally presented on June 3, 2021.

Presented by:Todd Phillips, VP of Business Development for Crystal D.

Corporations are working hard to keep their culture intact with some employees working from home and some returning to the office. Can crystal awards and gifts improve morale and help keep teams cohesive? The answer is yes! How do you approach corporate America and what do you sell them? Todd Phillips shares how to grow your sales with corporate and business customers and stay informed on the latest trends as we begin to move past COVID-19.

Finding Solutions to Fix Customer Artwork

Originally presented on May 13, 2021

Presented by: Mark Rugen, Director of Education for MUTOH America

You probably receive them every day: artwork that is small, low-resolution, and almost unusable. Worst yet, that is all your customer has! In this course, you will learn how to work with artwork provided by customers that is, well…terrible! (You know what I mean). Mark Rugen, Director, Education with Mutoh, will walk through different technology solution products that will help you fix the artwork to please your customers.

CARES ACT, PPP, EIDL Oh My! - Tax Considerations for 2020

Originally presented on January 21, 2021

Presented by:

  • David Cawley, MBA, MSA, CPA, CVA, CFE, Partner, Fraim, Cawley & Company, CPAs

Moderated by: Bill Collier, Owner & President, Arch Engraving

Tax season is right around the corner. Don’t let 2020’s year of uncertainty make you uncertain of how to complete your taxes. Hear from certified public accountant, David Cawley, MBA, MSA, on how the different loans and grants offered during the COVID-19 pandemic such as CARES ACT, PPP and EIDL will impact you while you file your 2020 taxes

The Awards and Personalization Industry During a Global Pandemic

Originally presented on January 7, 2021

Presented by:

  • Keith Baldwin, Spike’s Trophies
  • Crystal Evans, Conejo Awards
  • Eric Priceman, Victory, div. of Planter Inc.

Moderator: Amanda Gianotti, CRS, Allogram

The global pandemic has impacted businesses in our industry differently depending on your product and where your business is located. Hear from top industry experts on both the supplier and retailer sides about how COVID-19 impacted their businesses. Learn how they pivoted during this time and what they’re focused on now and for the future. They’ll share the strategies they took in managing the chaos of the shutdown, communication strategies with employees and customers and how they arrived at their current business solutions.

The Art of the Stay: Retaining Employees

Originally presented on October 14, 2020

Presented by Sharon DeLay, President of GO-HR

Employer of choice. Great place to work. Engaged employees. Recruiting and retaining employees is challenging enough, let alone doing so in an employees’ market and ever-changing workplace. We’ll look at the current landscape and talk about what you need to do long before you post that first position or interview that first candidate that will help you create a place where people want to stay.

The Awards and Personalization Industry During a Global Pandemic

Originally presented on July 9, 2020


  • Dan Messerschmidt, National Sales Director, JDS Industries
  • Susan Cox, President, LogoJET
  • Sam Varn, CRM, President/Owner Awards4U

Moderator: Amanda Gianotti, CRS, President, Allogram

The global pandemic has impacted businesses in our industry differently depending on your product and where your business is located. Hear from top industry experts on both the supplier and retailer sides about how COVID-19 impacted their businesses. Learn how they pivoted during this time and what they’re focused on now and for the future. They’ll share the strategies they took in managing the chaos of the shutdown, communication strategies with employees and customers and how they arrived at their current business solutions.

Exploring Financial Options During a Pandemic with Small Business Industry Professionals

Brian Pifer, Vice President, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Majority, David Chase, Vice President, National Outreach, Small Business Majority, and Lisa R. Higginbotham, CRM, President & Owner, FiveStar Awards & Engraving
Originally presented on June 18, 2020

Join small business industry professionals as they discuss options for small businesses during a pandemic. Get your questions about PPP loan forgiveness answered, learn about other loan options for small businesses and look to the future and how to think about rebuilding.

Navigating the "New Normal" – Returning to Work in the Age of Pandemic

Sharon DeLay, GoHR
Originally presented on Thursday, June 11, 2020

We'll take a look at the most recent CDC guidance combined with realistic expectations of implementing them in the workplace. We'll talk about working from both the employer's and the employee's perspective and share some best practices and "better do" practices to protect your employees and your company.

The Dos and Dont's of Logos, Art, Copyrights and Trademarks

Michael B. Stewart, Esq
Originally presented on May 27, 2020

A member of your local Rotary International Club comes in and wants plaques.

  • Are you allowed engrave their logo? 
  • What about that perfect clip art that you found on the web? 
  • Can they really sue you for one mug engraved with the state university's logo? 
  • Can you get in trouble creating a bunch of t-shirts including a famous trademark for use at a family reunion? 
  • And what about the designs you create -- who owns the rights to your creations, and how can you keep others from copying your designs? 

Join attorney Michael Stewart for this informative webinar focusing on trademark and copyright issues.

How To Be Successful On Both Sides of the Value Equation

Dave Fellman, David Fellman and Associates
Originally presented on April 30, 2020
It’s pretty well accepted that we have to bring value to our customers. It’s not always as clear that they should bring value to the relationship as well. In this session, Dave Fellman will explain how to work both sides of the value equation effectively. The program begins with a clear understanding of what buyers view as value – and there’s far more to that than a competitive price! It continues with an explanation of how your customers can provide value to your business, and how to capture even more of that value than you may be getting now.

The Humble Job Description: The Workhorse of the Workplace

Sharon DeLay, Go-HR
Originally presented March 11, 2020
A well-written job description is the workhorse of the workplace. It’s more than just a document that tells your employee the job they need to do; it’s like the Swiss Army Knife of foundational HR documents. Our experience shows that many employers take shortcuts when it comes to drafting their job descriptions, but this critical document to every job in the organization offers an employer a level of protection and guidance in multiple areas of the employment relationship. From analysis to performance discussions, and from training to difficult discussions, the job description is arguably the most important document you must have as an employer. BONUS: You’ll learn how the job description can make interviews and performance reviews easier!

Getting the Most from Quickbooks in the Personalization Industry

Cody Stewart, of Eternity Creations
Originally presented November 8, 2018 Join Cody Stewart to learn all about Quickbooks. Learn how to lay a simple yet effective foundation for your QuickBooks company file. This will help you to create meaningful reports (from daily “Where am I?” all the way to tax preparation) and track orders and inventory. Although this webinar is geared toward newer QuickBooks users, even seasoned users might pick up some useful tips.

California Prop 65–What's new and why could it cost you?

Anne Stone, of PPAI. Originally presented October 3, 2018 Join Anne Stone for this session California Proposition 65. Big changes are coming to Cal Prop 65 that could cost you and your business. This session is a must for navigating your interstate deals, not just by knowing the rules, but by having strategies in place to manage them. California Propositon 65 Handout (PDF).

Financing Your Equipment: The Good, The Bad, The Misunderstood.

Carey Kroll, of Geneva Capital. Originally presented September 13, 2018 Learn different ways to pay for your next equipment purchase. Understand how to make an informed decision that’s right for your specific financial/organizational situation.

Employee Engagement

Dave Fellman, David Fellman and Associates Originally presented August 16, 2018 Does your current team have what it takes to help you reach your goals? Do your “players” even play as a team? Dave will talk about hiring, training, managing, motivating, and retaining good employees, so that they become a championship work team.

Get More of the Value from Your Current Customers

Dave Fellman, David Fellman and Associates Originally presented March 28, 2017 According to Dave Fellman, each of your current customers provides you with three distinct levels of value. First is the value of what they’re buying from you now. Second is the value of what they could be buying from you. Third is the value of influence, or the ways in which current customers can help you to build new business relationships. In this fast-moving webinar, he’ll explain how to protect the first level of value with an appropriate level of customer service; how to capture more of the second level of value by educating customers about the breadth of your product line; and how to take full advantage of the third level of value by gaining—and using—testimonials and referrals.

Stop. Think. Manage!

Dave Fellman, David Fellman and Associates Originally presented Nov. 11, 2015 The quality of management has a very direct bearing on the success of any business, starting with the top manager(s) and extending all the way through the management team. According to Dave Fellman, a manager has be a combination of teacher, coach, parent, subject matter expert, hero, villain, and mind reader. It’s a combination of skills and attitudes, he says, and the core attitude goes like this: It’s not about being a boss. It is about being an enabler. My job is to help the people on my team(s) to do their jobs well. This is a program that every manager should hear, from supervisors to Senior Management. Fellman explains how to build critical management skills and attitudes; how to measure performance by objectives and subjectives; how to build teams that are appropriate for the challenges; and how to train team-member skills and motivate team-member attitudes.

Take Control of Your Profitability, Cash Flow, and Business’s Future

Guy Barone, President, Xenetech Global Originally presented March 26, 2014 Former ARA President and Xenetech Global President Guy Barone puts his finance background to work for you. Barone provides a tool to help you determine your business’s profitability and how to manage for profitability. He’ll discuss manageable impacts to your company’s cash flow and review strategic planning to help position your business for growth. Participants will be empowered to help their business succeed in any economy.

What Are You Selling?

Jimmy Lamb, Sawgrass Technologies Originally presented October 15, 2013 If you think you are selling sublimation, digital printing, engraving, embroidery, etc., you are WRONG! Jimmy Lamb of Sawgrass Technologies asks the question “What Are You Selling?” Jimmy explains it’s not about selling decoration processes; it’s all about fulfilling the needs of the customer.

What Do I Charge? (Digital Decoration)

Jimmy Lamb, Sawgrass Technologies Originally presented December 12, 2012 You don’t have to be an accountant or a CPA to develop effective pricing strategies and systems. Though pricing has been “tagged” as being one of the most difficult challenges faced by apparel decoration business owners, it’s really not as hard as it might seem. This session shows shop owners how to gather and analyze business data to generate a baseline cost for printing, which becomes the foundation for a legitimate pricing system for their business.

Increase Productivity, Quality, and Profitability the APICS Way

Gordon Erickson, Midwest Trophy & Awards Inc Originally presented February 15, 2012 The Theory of Constraints is used by big businesses to reduce costs associated with manufacturing and increasing quality. This webinar will teach you the techniques that can help your awards business. Focus is on bottleneck identification, process improvement, information technology, performance measures, and the ways in which each of them can enhance your business.

Making the Family Business Work: Proven Strategies for Family Business Success

Dana Telford, MBA, The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc.® Originally presented August 23, 2011 Did you know 2/3 of today’s businesses are family owned and yet only 1 out of 3 make it to the next generation? Principals in family businesses encounter unique and complicated challenges that can put their business, wealth and relationships at risk if not handled properly. Some of the most common challenges include: choosing the next business leader, maintaining control of ownership, managing conflicts, defining and passing a legacy of values and ethics to children, and improving communication. In this webinar, Dana Telford presents action steps and information you need to improve the performance of your family business and help you plan for the future. Based on his experiences and anecdotes gained from working with hundreds of families, Telford offers a unique perspective in the challenging world of family-run businesses. This is the perfect seminar if you’re currently working in this type of environment or if you’re thinking about starting one of your own.

Awards 101: Production

Sam Varn, CRM, Awards4U Originally presented July 22, 2010 Sam Varn reprises his popular and comprehensive workshop covering the basics of setting up and operating an awards shop. In this first of four webinars on this topic, Sam will walk you through important production considerations, including staffing up your business, choosing your production processes (rotary and/or laser engravers, sublimation), setting up and monitoring quality standards, and how to organize production practices.

Awards 101: Marketing

Sam Varn, CRM, Awards4U Originally presented August 4, 2010 In part two of the Sam Varn’s instructive series on setting up and operating an awards shop, Sam introduces the essentials of marketing. Starting with establishing basic marketing goals, this session will include 1) marketing plan key elements; 2) ingredients of a successful marketing campaign; 3) the marketing model; 4) seven segments of your positioning profile; and 5) five things your customers really want; customer service as a marketing tool.

Awards 101: Management

Sam Varn, CRM, Awards4U Originally presented August 17, 2010 In part three of this series on setting up and operating an awards shop, Sam Varn reviews management issues. This webinar covers 1) the hardest part of running a company; 2) the importance of a company handbook; 3) establishing company expectations; 4) communications; and 5) three people you need to know.

Awards 101: Finance

Sam Varn, CRM, Awards4U Originally presented August 31, 2010 Completing this four part series on setting up and operating an awards shop, Sam Varn explains the basics of business finance. In the this session Sam will discuss the importance of 1) a daily check list; 2) a weekly check list; 3) a monthly check list; 4) understanding your true costs; 5) are you on track to break even? 6) do you have a job or are you building a future? and 7) your exit strategies.

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