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Sandcarving Seasonal Gifts

Darin Jones, IKONICS Imaging. Originally presented on December 16, 2021.
Feeling merry and bright? Slide into the holiday spirit this season with some fresh gift ideas. Join Darin Jones from IKONICS Imaging as he offers up some great inspiration for personalized gifts, using sandcarving as the choice application. Step up your game even further and learn how different sandcarving techniques and different substrate materials affect your selling price. With the current supply shortage and shipping logistic challenge, small businesses are relied on more than ever right now for gift giving. Take advantage now and carve up some great items for your customers this year!

Creating Artwork for Multistage Sandcarving

Darin Jones and Fawn Giese, IKONICS Imaging Originally presented on October 23, 2019 There are three kinds of stage carving techniques for sandcarving: single stage, double stage, and multistage. When you use your sandcarving system to do a multistage carve, you are able to transform two-dimensional graphics into beautiful three-dimensional pieces of art. For example, if you have artwork that has two trees, you can use stage carving to show depth and create the illusion that one tree is in the foreground while the other is in the background. Learn more about the magic of sandcarving presented by Darin Jones and Fawn Giese of IKONICS Imaging.

It’s All About Diversification

Darin Jones, IKONICS Corporation Originally presented October 15, 2014 Darin Jones discusses how adding sandcarving to your offerings can expand and diversify your business. Discover untapped potential and added value through sandcarving a wide variety of substrates—not only in material, but shape and size. Sandcarving allows you to sandblast wood, ceramics, any type of rock (granite and marble), any metal (including stainless steel), leather, mirrors, champagne bottles, wine glasses, light bulbs, and much more.

Stage Carving—Simplified with Sandcarving

Darin Jones, IKONICS Corporation Originally presented May 14, 2014 Darin Jones covers the topic of multilevel stage carving utilizing the sandcarving process. This webinar provides you with the basic skills and knowledge to successfully create your own stage carve from start to finish. Darin begins with the artwork, working live in CorelDRAW, which is the most important piece of the stage carving process. Darin demonstrates the peel-and-sandcarve technique, creating a beautifully etched, high-end stage-carved product.

Halftone Sandblasting: Advanced Halftones and Marketing Your Professional Pieces

Darin Jones, IKONICS Corporation Originally presented September 18, 2013 Darin Jones provides information on how to best market and price the pieces you produced using tips from the first two parts of the series. Darin also will discuss advanced halftones with Adobe Photoshop and provide insight into the features offered in Adobe that Corel does not have for halftones.

Intermediate Halftones with Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Darin Jones, IKONICS Corporation Originally presented May 22, 2013 Darin Jones provides insight into the use of halftones on a large variety of materials, such as glass, crystal, metal, and stone. When you understand and learn how to create a halftone correctly, the process is fun and very profitable. This program is a step above Halfwiz as far as options and features.

Basic Halftones with Halfwiz

Darin Jones, IKONICS Corporation Originally presented March 21, 2013 Darin Jones discusses basic halftones with Halfwiz. This free plug in makes halftones easy, however, there are some tricks to make it even easier. Darin will show you how to find good artwork for halftoning and will also show you how to create a good halftone image with good or bad artwork.

Creating Halftones for Etching

Darin Jones, IKONICS Corporation Jessica Wetzel, IKONICS Corporation Originally presented October 24, 2012 This webinar is designed to teach the process of creating high-quality halftones for a profitable market. Presenters Darin Jones and Jessica Wetzel provide a variety of tips and tricks utilizing Corel PHOTO-PAINT and Adobe Photoshop software. Halftones can be very profitable and are in high demand in the etching market!

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