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How EASY it is to Select the Right Sublimation Printer for Your Business

Karli Parsell, Digital Printing Product Manager, Johnson Plastics Plus. Originally presented on August 20. Sublimation is an easy way to add full-color, individually personalized items to your Business. However, selecting the right printer for your Business can be a daunting task. There are numerous makes, models, features, and printer sizes to choose from. Thankfully, Karli is here to show you the printer options available and make sure you pick the right one for you and your Business.

Six Questions to Ask Before Adding Signage

Josh Robertson, JDS Sign Supply Originally presented on May 21, 2020 Economic challenges are opening doors to new business opportunities. If you’re thinking about diversifying your business by adding signage, this webinar will help you understand the opportunities and what it will take to get started. You’ll learn:

  • What products and services are considered part of the “Sign” industry
  • What equipment you’ll need to buy and what do you already have that you can use
  • What’s required to install sign graphics

Adding Sublimation to Your Business

Lisa Ellston, JDS Industries Originally presented March 26, 2020 During these uncertain times, it is always good to look to the future and start making plans for what’s next. Now is the time to start gathering information on the different processes that could be added to your business down the road. Sublimation is one process that is worth considering. Learn more about sublimation and the equipment and accessories you need to get started.

Color Matching for Sublimation

Lisa Ellston, JDS Industries Inc. Originally presented January 22, 2019 Join Lisa Ellston of JDS Industries Inc. for this sessions on Color Matching for Sublimation. When a customer insists that a product be sublimated to match the color of their logo can seem daunting and time consuming. In this webinar, we will show, in just a few steps, a way to find a color match in CorelDRAW® so you can complete the job as quickly as possible. We will discuss eliminating any variables that can cause problems with matching colors. We will also delve into the difference between RGB, CMYK and Pantone colors. Even people that are not sublimating but want to learn more about color will learn some valuable information. Color Matching for Sublimation Handout (PDF)

Color Matching for Sublimation

Shon Roti, JDS Industries Originally presented November 20, 2013 Shon Roti of JDS explains all the variables that can affect color for sublimation and how to troubleshoot problems for and maintain the sublimation printer. Shon also discusses and demonstrates how to use a variety of CorelDraw tools to print and sublimate default palettes create custom palettes that can be used to match color for sublimation.

What Are You Selling?

Jimmy Lamb, Sawgrass Technologies Originally presented October 15, 2013 If you think you are selling sublimation, digital printing, engraving, embroidery, etc., you are WRONG! Jimmy Lamb of Sawgrass Technologies asks the question “What Are You Selling?” Jimmy explains it’s not about selling decoration processes; it’s all about fulfilling the needs of the customer.

Breaking the Rules of Sublimation

Jimmy Lamb, Sawgrass Technologies Originally presented June 19, 2013 You can do more with sublimation than you might imagine, like decorating blended fabrics and printing on colored surfaces. Join award-winning author and international speaker Jimmy Lamb of Sawgrass Technologies as he takes a look at the most common sublimation rules. Jimmy helps determine which rules are set in stone and which are flexible.

Cradle to Grave

Jimmy Lamb, Sawgrass Technologies Originally presented April 9, 2013 Births, weddings, holidays, graduations, and even deaths present opportunities for photo-centric gifts and commemorations. Digital processes such as sublimation are the key to quickly and easily producing a range of high-margin personalized products that capture the memory and preserve it forever using unique substrates including wood, metal, stone, glass, acrylic, and ceramics. Join Jimmy Lamb as he discusses what the most popular products are, how they are made, and how to position them in this unique marketplace.

Digital Decoration 101

Jimmy Lamb, Sawgrass Technologies Originally presented February 12, 2013 Product decoration and customization using digital processes such as sublimation and inkjet printing is a fast-growing area in the imprinted products industry. Jimmy Lamb teaches how the processes work, how to produce digitally decorated items, what it costs, and how the processes compare to each other in this informative session. After viewing this idea-packed session, you’ll leave with many new concepts for generating profits.

How to Avoid the Most Common Sublimation Challenges

Jimmy Lamb, Sawgrass Technologies Originally presented September 18, 2012 Have you ever had the colors on your finished product come out wrong? Do you know what ghosting is and what causes it? Can humidity affect quality? Is all polyester apparel created equally? Though sublimation is a fairly simple process, problems can happen. The key to avoiding quality issues is in knowing what causes them so you can steer clear of potential disaster. Jimmy Lamb of Sawgrass Technologies takes you on a tour of what not to do in the wonderful world of sublimation production.

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