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Large & Small Business Retailer of the Year Nomination Form

Award Regulations

Retailer of the Year Awards

The association recognizes that excellence comes in many sizes, so we will present two Retailer of the Year awards. Stores with four employees (4 full-time equivalents [FTEs]) or less are eligible for Small Business Retailer of the Year; stores with more than four employees (FTEs) are eligible for Large Business Retailer of the Year.


An ideal candidate is an Awards and Personalization Association retailer that exemplifies sound business practices and integrity and builds healthy partnerships with their customers and suppliers. An ideal retailer will demonstrate a clear commitment to community involvement and will set a strong example as a supportive association member. Nominees must be retailer members in good standing.

Nomination Guidelines

Retailer of the Year candidates may be nominated by suppliers, other retailers, sales reps, or, if you think you've got what it takes, you can even nominate your own company. You may nominate more than one company.

Judging Process

Although multiple nominations can be submitted for each company, only one nomination is required to ensure eligibility for the award. All nominated retailers will receive questionnaires that ask for more information about their companies. Nominees must complete the questionnaire in its entirety by the requested deadline to be eligible to win this award.

The Awards Committee will ultimately select winners of the Small Business Retailer of the Year and Large Business Retailer of the Year awards based on both the answers to the questionnaires and the scoring criteria.

The award recipient will be announced at the 2022 International Awards & Personalization Expo in Las Vegas. The winner will receive a Gold Obelisk and a profile in Insights magazine.

Note: Any company or individual that threatens to withhold business or raise or lower prices in exchange for a nomination will be immediately disqualified. The association reserves the right to confirm information provided in the nomination process.

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