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This past year, the popular photo sharing social media platform Instagram reached a mighty milestone: There are now more than 1 BILLION people globally using Instagram every day. According to Sprout Social, 63% of U.S. users say they check their Instagram daily, and Instagram users are among the most dedicated (amongst social media platforms) in terms of how frequently they log in.

Some people are introduced to the personalization industry through family or friends.

For retailers to be successful, a web presence is as necessary during (and after) the pandemic as it was, well, even before the pandemic.

As the United States—and much of the world—starts a slow return to normalcy after pandemic lockdowns and safety measures, big and small corporations have changed some of the ways they do business. Those changes have been felt by our industry’s retailers and suppliers who provide personalized products for corporate customers.

As owner and president of GO-HR, Sharon DeLay is a human resources professional with a big-picture view of the corporate world. That’s because her company provides customized HR solutions to a wide range of small businesses. Unlike an HR professional who is employed by a single company, DeLay and her team have experience with hundreds of businesses and are able to assess larger trends in the business world.

Have you ever had one of those days when the pieces of life’s puzzle just don’t seem to fit together? You know you have all of the necessary pieces right in front of you, but you just cannot get them in the right order.

Village Awards and Engraving of La Mesa, CA, will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year.

Do you ever feel like there is way too much appreciation going on in your workplace? If you said no, you’re not alone. Your team would probably say the same thing.

If there is one thing about business that doesn’t change, it’s that business will always change! Be it through the advent of new technology, loss of a key employee, new laws that govern the way your industry does business, or even a takeover by another company—no matter what the change may be, the last thing your team wants to hear from you is…

Our youngest recipients of personalized gifts may not appreciate the thoughtful items, but their new parents will cherish them for years to come. Items such as sublimated baby blankets with the baby’s name and numbers 1 through 12 provide an opportunity for new parents to track their baby’s monthly growth throughout the first year. Loveys (a small stuffed animal with an attached square foot blanket) with the name embroidered on it provides both comfort to the baby and a practical solution for avoiding confusion of whose item it is at a daycare. Laser-etched artwork provides a nice touch to the new nursery.

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