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Laser Engraving

Whether you are a laser pro or novice, there is always something new to learn about laser engraving. Whether it’s expanding your core market; adding new products like signage, gifts, or rubber stamps; or learning new techniques; these articles will help you maximize the productivity and profitability of your laser engraver.

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Before I opened Champagne Engraving in Michigan, I operated a shop in Carlsbad, CA, that was famous for being able to engrave anything, from apple pies to zippers. Jigs were key to us gaining that reputation. Trial and error led to experience, allowing us to create jigs to personalize odd-shaped items.

How do you create jigs that keep your product where it belongs without crushing it? It depends on whether you're using a laser or a mechanical engraver. Let's start with the laser.

Laser mask is a solution for both laser engravers and sandcarving professionals, enabling users to laser cut masks and eliminating the inkjet media artwork and exposure process. With laser mask (Image 1), sandcarvers can go beyond the basics to stage-carve glass and crystal and deep-carve a variety of materials, including stone, ceramic, and wood.

Awards and Personalization Association member retailers took part in a recent survey to tell Insights magazine which laser system accessories mattered the most to them—and to fill us in on the sanity-savers we didn’t include on our list! Here’s how they ranked the 10 accessories on our list, starting with the most valuable:

When engraving a trophy or customizing a gift, lasers are an obvious go-to. But lasers’ potential markets are almost limitless. For a retailer who is proficient with or willing to learn more about laser engraving, new markets and customers are yours for the taking.

As a promotional products retailer, I find joy in producing and sourcing a wide range of products, including some that are unconventional or unfamiliar to me.

When Insights refers to a laser, a CO2 laser is usually what we mean. That’s because CO2 lasers were the first on the scene in the personalization industry and have remained the dominant laser type in retail shops. But fiber lasers are fast gaining ground for a good reason.

Where’s the beef? It’s in this very beefy project that, among other things, will detail a process for creating table tents with call numbers on them like those used by many fast-food locations.

Large franchise operations order these by the millions at a super cheap price, but smaller, local establishments often require quantities that can be profitable for laser owners, UV printers, sublimators, and other smaller-run personalization professionals.

Whether it’s to show school spirit or keep warm against a winter chill, few apparel items are as popular as the fleece jacket. But with this versatile fabric, jackets are only the beginning. Fleece can be used to make everything from slipper socks and mittens to blankets, dog toys, and heating pad covers. Regardless of how you use it, knowing how to personalize fleece—without jeopardizing the integrity of the fabric—is a useful skill for any retailer looking to add more apparel to their product offerings.

Combine UV-LED printing and laser engraving to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake that can be presented as an award or given as a cherished keepsake.

We’re going to create a full-color product with dimension and texture. Each element—from the photo to the text to the graphics—is personalized for the recipient. Creative pieces like these impress customers and make you stand out from the crowd.

Today, let’s stretch some of the new creative muscles found in more recent versions of CorelDRAW together. Not using the newest version? That’s OK—this also will reveal some of the useful, productive, enhanced features in tools that have been hiding in older CorelDRAW versions this entire time because the procedures in this article have been tested in CorelDRAW2018, CorelDRAW2017, and X8. Working in an older version than that? You can force older versions to duplicate the end result, but I suspect that many of you will consider upgrading to the current version of CorelDRAW after getting a feel for the upgraded tools it puts at our disposal.
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