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CorelDRAW Applied : Logos From Scratch

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Awards and Personalization Association is pleased to announce the availability of CorelDRAW Applied CD-ROM tutorials. Produced by Roy Brewer CRM, multiple ARA gold obelisk winner and long-time teacher of CorelDRAW┬«, these easy to follow step-by-step CD tutorials will expand the skills of both beginning and intermediate level CorelDRAW users. Using these tutorials is easy - pop them in your computer, watch and listen as Roy demonstrates and explains how to modify CorelDRAW files for engraving applications

Product Details:

CorelDRAW® Applied: Creating Logos from Scratch (.25 CEUs)

  • Hilton "H"" Oldsmobile Rocket
  • Marriot Circular Logo
  • Exxon Logo
  • H-E-B Logo
  • An "Artsy" Religious Cross
  • WhataBurger logo
  • Mitsubishi Triple Diamond
  • CorelTRACE then Cleanup (HOOK)
  • Scan then Manual Trace (JNC)
  • Digitize SONIC Text only
  • BMW (circle...
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