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2023 Learning Lounge Sessions

2023 International Expo attendees were able to experience quick, expert advice right on the expo floor during these 30-minute sessions.

Wednesday, February 8

10:30 am–Adding Promo to Your Business

Adam Bayyouk – SAGE
You already sell printed products, why not dive into the world of promo products and introduce your clients to endless possibilities for their marketing mix? In this session, we'll show you where to start and how adding promo to your business can increase your ROI. Ready to see the real power of promo?

11:30 am–Come See CorelDRAW Tips & Tricks

Doug Green; Randy Allen, CRS – Express Yourself & Engraving Concepts
Randy Allen, CRS and Doug Green are two of the top CorelDraw people around, bring your questions and even a Corel File and together we will solve it!

1 pm–Maximizing Efficiency with the Most Popular Laser Hacks

David Stevens – Trotec Laser, Inc.
This 30-minute course will provide an in-depth look at various laser hacks and techniques refined over 22 years of industry experience.
Topics to be covered include:

  • Advanced Reverse Inlay Techniques for increased precision
  • Utilizing Magic Erasers for efficient cleaning of materials
  • Innovative Acrylic cutting methods utilizing wet paper towels
  • Techniques for achieving paint fill on polished surfaces
  • Utilizing dish soap for improved engraving results on acrylic materials
  • Implementing transfer or application tape as a cost-effective laser template solution

3 pm–Why BOFA Filtration is Your Best Bet

Brian Tefertiller, BOFA Americas Inc.
In this session, Brian Tefertiller will cover the features and benefits of the BOFA Fume Extractors. The topics that will be covered will be:

  • Reasons for investing in fume extraction
  • Key BOFA features, including BOFA’s iQ Technology and Patented DeepPleat DUO filters
  • Selecting the right BOFA fume extractor for your application
  • Correct installation of your extractor
  • Setting the correct airflow
  • Proper Service and Maintenance of your fume extractor

Thursday, February 9

1 pm–Order Management in your Business

Debbie Susdorf, Niels Norby – NetSoft Studio
Join Debbie Susdorf and Niels Norby as they discuss Order Management and ways to be more efficient in your day to day operations.

2 pm–UV DTF: How to Expand your UV Printer Capabilities

Evan Reutling – LogoJET
Direct-to-object UV printers provide the ability to print on almost any object. the tricky part comes with oddly shaped substrates or items that are over your printer's height clearance. Using your UV printer to create DTF options allow for more customization capacity. Learn how a few extra easy steps can help to expand your product offerings and allow you to open up the next level of your UV printer's capabilities.

3 pm-The Easiest Way to Learn Corel from Inside Corel

Clay Barbera – Corel Trainer
Let CorelTRAINER walk you through the steps you'll need to know, in order to learn CorelDRAW. Learning to vectorize, edit, & customize your customer's artwork isn't as difficult as you might think. With some basic tools and training videos you, and everyone in your business, Can & Will Learn Corel!

Friday, February 10

10:30 am–Mastering Photo Engraving with Laser Systems

David Stevens – Trotec Laser, Inc.
This 30-minute course will provide an in-depth look at techniques and strategies for achieving the best results when engraving photos using laser systems.
Topics to be covered include:

  • Methods for acquiring high-quality images
  • Understanding various photo formats and their impact on engraving results
  • Fundamentals of basic photo editing
  • Advantages of utilizing aftermarket photo rendering software
  • An in-depth look at the role of lenses in laser photo engraving
  • Identifying the best materials for photo engraving
  • A comprehensive photo engraving checklist for achieving optimal results.



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