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APA 2019 Intl Expo special events
Awards and Personalization Business Bootcamp

Tuesday, February 12 | 8 am–5pm

You’ll learn the fundamentals of operating a successful awards and personalization business from these industry experts! Make your plans to join us at the Business Bootcamp and the 2018 International Awards & Personalization Expo, register now.

Business Operations

Guy Barone, Xenetech
Learn the importance of making time to work on your business! We'll investigate ways to manage and plan for the different aspects of your operation, as well as focus on developing a profit plan for long term success.

Sales and Marketing

Dan Messerschmidt, JDS Industries and Eddie Hill, Award Masters Inc.
Understand the difference between sales and marketing, and what to do if you’re not a natural salesperson. We’ll share the importance of having an internet presence and how to take advantage of online marketing opportunities like social media and Pay per Click advertising.

Workspace Organization and Productivity 

Reid Bailey, Awards4U
Time is money and location matters!  Learn how to organize your workspace and manage your inventory to optimize your efficiency.  Work from home or brick and mortar?  Find out about options and maximize your visibility.

Customer Service

Sam Varn, CRM, Awards4U
What is service?  Sam will share how to best service current customers to retain them, and how to utilize those practices in the selling process to grow your customer base.


Billy Willis, Rayzist Photomask
We’ll help you understand the perceived value of the sandcarving process, and learn how to successfully market the process and finished products to your customers.  You’ll also learn which substrates can be sandcarved.


Steve Stallard, Johnson Plastics Plus
What is sublimation and what equipment and skills do you need?  Steve will share how to seek out niche markets for sublimated products and find opportunities to add sublimation to your business.  

UV Printing

Susan Cox, LogoJet
What is UV printing and what can you make with it?  Discover opportunities to expand your business with UV printing.    Learn about UV printing techniques, and how UV printing compares with other traditional methods.  Understand the limitations of UV printing, and how to care for your printer.


Randy Allen, Engraving Concepts
No matter what equipment you’re using to decorate, it all starts with the artwork!

Laser Engraving

David Stevens, Trotec
What can a laser do?  Hear about popular laser applications and materials to use, and learn how to expand your business with a laser.  Find out about the different types of laser systems, how to select the right model for your needs, and how to run the machine. 


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