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Customer Service Articles

Customer service is a critical element in building your business and can have a major impact on your bottom line. These articles will help you identify ways to improve the service and experience your customers receive from your business!

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For awards and personalization professionals, there exist some universal truths—the proud smile of an award recipient will always be contagious; the pickiest clients are always the likeliest to have a low-resolution photo. But if you subscribe to the well-known notion that cooler weather and the coming of fall are the official markers of the giftgiving season, you’re likely missing out on the potential benefits focusing on gifts year-round can have for your business.

For retailers to be successful, a web presence is as necessary during (and after) the pandemic as it was, well, even before the pandemic.

Whether you are attending the Awards and Personalization Association's International Awards & Personalization Expo in Las Vegas this month, sitting in the comfort of your store and browsing through industry suppliers' new catalogs, or enjoying a visit from an industry sales representative, one thing is certain–your excitement level is increasing as you view all of the new products available for 2017.

The Old Soft-Shoe: “a speech, explanation, sales pitch, or other set of remarks delivered in a restrained or conciliatory manner in order to persuade, distract, or otherwise influence someone.” —
“Customer service” is just a softer word for “sales,” making the start of the year the perfect time to review your customer service strategy. If you think in terms of potential, active, and past customers, you can highlight where you should become more aggressive, keep up the good work, and learn from mistakes.
With busy season in full swing for most in the awards and recognition industry, what’s most important to your business probably is very clear. Good time management is very important to ensure orders are completed on time. Quality control is important to maintain during this hectic time of the year. Correct inventory levels and proper processes are important for keeping production on track. Employee morale is important to deal effectively with the increased influx of customers with large orders and small budgets. You know better than anyone what’s most important for a successful busy season.
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